Håvard Auklend
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NTNU Trondheim 2017
NTNU Trondheim, UiA Grimstad and QUT Brisbane

Speaks Norwegian and English

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A FEW WORDS ABOUT Håvard Auklend:

I was born in Stavanger and grew up in Figgjo, a small village 20 km from Stavanger.  The first spark of interest into architecture came about in a math-lecture in primary school where I learned the rules of perspective drawing.  However, I thought for a long time that I would become a musician when I grew up. During my years of playing a number of instruments I continued my curiosity for architecture, and at that time especially in the relation between spaces and acoustics. I studied building engineering for three years in Grimstad, Norway, where I finished my bachelor’s thesis on geometric- and structural design of a large sports hall. I also enjoyed a semester in Brisbane, Australia, where I was introduced to a deeper focus on sustainability. After graduating engineering, I moved to Trondheim to pursue architecture through the Master of Science-course in Sustainable Architecture at NTNU. My master’s project was about improving the process and communication of Life Cycle Assessments for neighborhoods in an early design stage for architects and planners.

I have been commissioned with smaller projects of editing books during my years at NTNU, and ran my own firm during my final year of studies to try out some of the things I’ve learned. I also feel privileged to have been a jury member in the 2017 architecture competition for the NTNU Campus development.

Now back to the area I call “home” I spend my spare time on music, woodcarving and tending to some thousands of bees.
I have been fascinated by the works by Helen & Hard for a long time, and especially appreciate the ambitions and awareness for larger environmental and social contexts through buildings and projects of great character. I am very grateful and excited to be a part of the team at Helen & Hard.

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