Julia Grünbaum
2020 MSC Chalmers University of Technology
2016 BFA Umeå School of Architecture
Chalmers University of Technology
Umeå School of Architecture

Speaks Swedish, Finnish, English

A FEW WORDS ABOUT Julia Grünbaum:

I was born and bred in Helsinki, Finland. After graduating high schooI I moved to Sweden in 2010 and studied fashion design and art history. In 2013 I started my architectural education at Umeå School of Architecture. After completing my Bachelor in 2016 I moved to Stockholm and did an internship at Gustav Appell Arkitektkontor.

Since September 2017 I have been studying the Master’s programme Architecture and Urban Planning Beyond Sustainability at Chalmers Technical University in Gothenburg. During my studies I have completed different studios, among them; “Planning and design for sustainable development in a local context” situated on Orust on the west coast of Sweden.

In this studio we got the opportunity to explore the conditions of a rural-urban island and develop proposals for future scenarios spanning from the building scale to regional planning.

During my free time I enjoy being outside hiking or running around exploring unknown turf.
I am eager to learn more about timber structures and sustainable design methods during my time at Helen& Hard.

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