Peter Feltendal
Architect cand. arch
+47 406 406 83
Graduated from Aarhus school of architecture in 2005
Aarhus school of architecture

Speaks Speaks Danish, English and German

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A FEW WORDS ABOUT Peter Feltendal:

After a 10-year break since my internship at Helen & Hard in 2002, I am happy to be back in the office.

Born and raised in Denmark, I graduated from the Aarhus School of Architecture in 2005 and started working for Arkitema immediately after. Since 2006 I have been with 3XN Architects in Copenhagen, working on competitions, projects and research. My main focus the last couple of years has been on sustainable architecture and Cradle to Cradle design.

I started working at Helen & Hard again in January 2013, after having been (happily) allured to Norway by my Norwegian wife and son.

After hours
Literature, quantum physics, drawing and golfing. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and am embracing my initial career in cross-country skiing, which I hope to improve over the next many years.

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