Alma Hawker
AA Bachelor/RIBA part 1
Architectural Association School of Architecture, UK

Speaks Norwegian and English


I grew up on a nature reserve, 20 km from Oslo, surrounded by animals and farms and forests. As I grew up I was aware of the relationship between the countryside and the city, and after moving to London in 2013 to study Architecture and Urbanism at the Architectural Association I realised how often this relationship is overlooked. I spent my last year at the AA on a thesis project that looked at the connection between London and its surrounding countryside. I designed a place where people could feel ownership over a place they normally only saw from the train window on their way to work. My design was intended to reinvigorate the commuters’ railway to London and its surrounding hedgerows by introducing a timber structure that very slowly decayed and returned the areas beside the tracks to habitats for animals, plants, trees and other organisms.

During my time at the AA I experimented with different kinds of printmaking. The tactile qualities I got from working with print made it clear to me that tactility and material sensitivity is crucial to the design and not just to its representation. During my four years in London I worked with artists I met at the AA who shared a similar interest in material sensitivity and in how small observations of the local context can be significant in the development of project. I completed my Bachelor degree at the AA in 2017.

I am interested in the lifespan of structures I design. Sustainability and sensitivity to local context and material seem to play an important part in the work of Helen and Hard. I am curious and excited to learn how such an influential practice works with themes that have interested me for such a long time.

In my spare time, I like to hike, ski and run, especially in the mountains with my borzoi dog.

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