Ane Skarpnes Dahl
Sivilarkitekt MNAL
+47 406 406 81
2002 NTNU Trondheim
NTNU Trondheim + TU Delft

Speaks Norwegian & English

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A FEW WORDS ABOUT Ane Skarpnes Dahl:

I was born and lived in Trondheim for most of my life, before moving to Stavanger nine years ago. I studied some biology and chemistry at NTNU before studying architecture.

I started at H&H just after delivering my diploma which focused on collective housing for people with Alzheimer’s.

At H&H, I have had the joy of being in charge of several projects and following up onsite, some after having participated from first sketch. The projects have included housing, restaurants and kindergartens.

I have also been architect in charge of urban planning projects, a work I find very interesting.

Main professional interests: Social buildings/ institutions and project management.

After office hours: the sport of being a mother, renovating an old house, biology and plants, and social life.


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