Dag Strass
Architect & Office Nerd
+47 406 40 679
NTNU Trondheim

Speaks Norwegian & English

Dag Strass was involved in:

Born in Bergen, I lived in Tromsø from age 3 until moving to Stavanger at the age of 8. Just after I returned from university in 1996 I received a phonecall from Helen & Hard asking if I had time to come down and help them out a little with some 3D stuff. It turned out to be a little more…

In the meantime I had my own 3D visualization firm for 8 years before I became a permanent employee of H&H in 2005. Being the office nerd and 3D-guy I have been a little bit involved in almost all of H&H’s projects, but first project as architect in charge was the Pulpit Rock Mountain Lodge. I also had the pleasure of being hands-on in charge in the whole

process of the V&A pavilion in London, from finding trees in the forests, designing 3D milling patterns to assembling the pieces in the museum. 

Main professional interests: 3D design, visualization, timber building, ecological building.

After office hours: Computers, hiking, fishing, music, reading, cooking, ice hockey.

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