Håkon M. Solheim
Architect & Optimistic Carpenter
+47 452 78 040
NTNU Trondheim 2007
NTNU Trondheim and Helsinki University of Technology

Speaks Norwegian, English, some German & Finnish

Håkon M. Solheim was involved in:
A FEW WORDS ABOUT Håkon M. Solheim:

I started at H&H after freelancing for half a year as a carpenter and architect. At H&H, I’ve amongst others been working with the Prekestolen Basecamps, Kindergarten, Paradis single housing, Skadbergbakken, Randaberg Culture centre, Regionals duty-free at Sola and, Vennesla Library.  From the Vennesla competition entry, I have followed this project closely, to its completion and official opening in  2012. This project has been an exceptional journey, developing contemporary wooden architecture in a small Norwegian town, collaborating with skilled and challenging colleagues, clients, and contractors. 

Being on the library building site once a week has been a pleasure more architects should be able to experience.

Main professional interests: timber craft and buildings, smaller “hands-on” projects, tricky details, project leading and client contact.

After office hours: carpentry, cars, tools, bits and bites, urban and rural farming, hunting, fatherhood, family and friends.

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