Jonathan Kim
+44 7490 640991
2017 BAS Carleton University
Carleton University, Ottawa
École Spéciale d’Architecture, Paris

Speaks English, French, some Korean, and learning Norwegian


I am a second-generation Korean-Canadian, born and raised in Ottawa. My initial interest in architecture stemmed from the realization that there are very few professions that combine both fields of science and art.

My architectural journey began at my hometown university. In third year I participated in an exchange semester in Paris, which was a milestone moment for I had not previously visited Europe. During my time I realized that Europe is a better environment for architecture, due to the rich history and the more receptive and open-minded societies. After my exchange, I took a year out to work as an architectural assistant in London. Upon completing my undergraduate studies, I moved to the Canadian west coast to work for a local firm in Vancouver.

Architecture to me is something that can be both tangible and conceptual, practical and theoretical. I am interested in seeing the completion of a building from start to finish, from initial design proposals to the final stages of construction. Equally I am drawn to imaginative projects and how they can bring light to issues or nuances in today’s society through boundless creativity and new ideas. Before I return for a master’s degree, I am driven on obtaining as much knowledge and personal growth in the field.

I am excited to be able to contribute to H&H as the firm has a strong approach in sustainable timber design and a varied portfolio of projects. Additionally I have a deep respect for firms that are actively participating in architectural design competitions. I have always admired Scandinavian design and I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to live and work in Norway.

When I am not working, I enjoy playing tennis, capturing analog photographs, eating good food, and travelling and experiencing new cities and cultures.

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