Karen Jansen
+47 458 50 818
Bergen Arkitektskole, Bergen
AHO, Oslo

Speaks Norwegian, English & French

Karen Jansen was involved in:

I started my architectural studies at Bergen Arkitektskole. After three years I moved to Oslo, and finished my education at AHO. During my diploma I spent some time in a Cistercian abbey in France. The minimal need of space and material goods make space very present and defined.

I started to work at Knut Hjeltnes after my studies. We made a lot of models in veneer and cardboard: model-making offers a unique understanding of spatiality and physics.  Later, I moved to LPO Arkitekter, dealing with bigger and more complex buildings, usually residential. During this period I taught students at AHO.
In 2011, I joined Helen and Hard’s new Oslo studio.

I am concerned with the way architecture encloses us. Kneading the architecture again and again, but still having decisiveness until it becomes useful and adventurous for its users and surroundings. Making it sustainable and both timeless and contemporary. It should stand the test of time. Architecture should work with the properties of materials, chemical and physical, and exploit the inherent tactility and patina. Seeing the results and enthusiasm grow after a hardworking process. At the end all involved should feel a sense of ownership.

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