Mariana Calvete
+47 406 40 672
2013 - Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
FAUL, Lisboa, Portugal
AHO, Oslo, Norge

Speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish and some Norwegian.

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A FEW WORDS ABOUT Mariana Calvete:

I was born in Leiria in Portugal. During the first years studying architecture in Lisbon, I found my passion for vernacular architecture, mostly Mediterranean built from earth, stone and brick. This had strong influence in my first designs as well as in my choices of travelling. However, when I had the opportunity to pick a country for Erasmus I decided to go to Norway, a country where I could pursue a completely different culture. During that year I had the opportunity to learn more about wood construction and parametric design, which also brought me on a journey to Chile.

Back in Portugal for my master thesis, I was concerned with the degradation and abandonment of built heritage. Still inspired by the Norwegian culture for landscape, I decided to start the project Pathways of Memory. In a moment when people tend to look at the country with a certain disenchantment, this national project allows the creation of paths, where heritage and landscape come together to tell a story of a land and its people in the correct rhythm. Contemporary design is the starting point for the discovery of identity and memory, using local materials and re-inventing traditional techniques.

My first work experience was in Matos Gameiro Arquitectos, where I had the pleasure of learning with a team of sincerely devoted architects that embodied strong influences from southern and Mediterranean architecture. Back in the north, I am happy to join Helen & Hard and continue my discovery of northern architecture.

Learning architecture also means traveling, which is one of my biggest passions, always accompanied with my sketchbook, drawing and writing. I also find inspiration in philosophy, cinema and dance.


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