Njål Undheim
Architect & Handyman
+47 406 406 82
2003 - NTNU Trondheim
NTNU Trondheim

Speaks Norwegian, English

Njål Undheim was involved in:

Born in Stavanger, I grew up at Nærbø (Jæren). I worked on my cousin’s farm every weekend and holiday from the age of 12. During this time, I was introduced to a wide range of skills and craftsmanship, such as carpentry, renovations of old buildings and machines, and all kinds of repair and maintenance work.

In 1998 I went to Trondheim to study architecture. During my education, I spent my summer holidays working at different building sites and at different architect firms, until I ended up at Helen & Hard in the summer of 2002. After graduating, I moved to Sandnes, and became an employee.

Over the years, I have worked on several dwelling and housing projects. In 2008 I was in charge of the pilot project “Bygg for opplevelse” in Bergen, and I have also been involved in some masterplanning.

Main professional interests: details & materials, timber constructions, low-energy buildings.

After office hours: family life, rebuilding our own house, bicycling, motorcycling, music.

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