Odin Olesen
+47 40 64 06 72
2014-2017 BA Aarhus School of Architecture
Aarhus School of Architecture

Speaks Norwegian, English and Danish


I grew up in Stavanger, but moved to Denmark after finishing High School. I started at Krabbesholm Højskole in 2013, and spent a whole year studying Architecture and Design. Coming from an architectural home, I was pretty sure I wanted a career within Architecture, and my year at Krabbesholm confirmed just that.

I started my architectural education in Denmark, at the Aarhus School of Architecture. I spent a semester in Brussels at KU Leuven, Sint-Lucas, before getting my Bachelor last year.

My bachelor project was about getting the unemployment rate among young adults in Naples down, through a close collaboration between the textile industry and education. The bachelor project ended up teaching me how architecture can influence social issues, and its ability to empower people.

After finishing in Denmark, I moved to Portugal. Moving to Porto gave me the opportunity to work with architecture in a new environment and with a new culture. I worked for a little studio called SKREI. All their projects had an extra focus on the composition of different materials, and how the materials would play well with its surroundings.

After spending four months in Porto, I moved to Nairobi. I spent three months working for Orkidstudio, an architectural and construction company, focusing on social issues in the East-African region. The focus was also very much on getting women involved in the construction work.

I use a lot of my spare time to travel. Finding new cultures and languages very fascinating, and an inspiration for my architectural work.

I will be working for Helen & Hard, before going back to Denmark to finish my Master. I am looking forward to work in a place where the knowledge and use of wood creates aesthetic and sustainable architecture.

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