Reinhard Kropf
+47 92 88 05 59
TU Graz, Austria 1986
AHO Oslo 1994

Speaks German, Norwegian & English

Reinhard Kropf was involved in:
A FEW WORDS ABOUT Reinhard Kropf:

I lived in Graz, where I studied at the Technical University. In that period, I worked in various architectural offices before I moved to Oslo to study at AHO in the class of Sverre Fehn. Here I met Siv, I fell in love and we started Helen & Hard as students. Since then time went very fast. Siv and I always shared a passion for architecture, art and philosophy which we constantly try to foster and implement in our daily work. Besides working in the studio I teach at various universities including Kansas State University, AHO Oslo, ESA Paris or HUST Wuhan, China.

Special professional interests: concept development, design, philosophy and bionic.

I love drawing, reading and running.

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