Simon Baumann
Specialist in timber construction
2009 Diploma in Carpentry
2013 Diploma Teamleader in Carpentry
Technical Specialist HS Wood Technics at the Higher Technical School of Wood in Biel

Speaks German, English and leaning Norwegian

A FEW WORDS ABOUT Simon Baumann:

I grew up in Switzerland, a country with a great tradition in carpentry. I have always liked to design, draw, make plans and build models. After graduating from school I gained practical and theoretical knowledge in an apprenticeship in carpentery, where I have worked as a carpenter for several years. My love for wood and the fascination to work with wood has grown steadily since then. I could expand my craft skills and gain a lot of experience. I then had the opportunity to work for the innovative and internationally active Blumer-Lehmann AG. There I got fascinated of timber engineering through working on exceptional building projects.

In a further education to a team leader I got more insight into work preparation and the whole project process. Still enthusiastic about wood, I continued to study at the Higher Technical School of Wood in Biel, Switzerland.

During the one-year internship, which is an integral part of these studies, I was again able to work for Blumer-Lehmann AG and gain more working experience in complex timber structures.

I’m very happy to be now working for Helen & Hard and getting new insights into timber buildings, especially in how a project is designed and planned in the early phase. I’m very excited to contribute to this process and to realise outstanding projects together with our common fascination for wood.

In my freetime I enjoy having some small carpentry projects, where I can maintain my craft skills. I like hiking, sailing and spend my time outdoors in the nature.

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