Siv Helene Stangeland
+47 95 22 57 66
AHO Oslo/ Norway 1986
ETSAB Barcelona 1993

Speaks Norwegian, English, Spanish & German

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A FEW WORDS ABOUT Siv Helene Stangeland:

I was born in Stavanger, Norway. I studied French and art in Bordeaux one year before I started my architectural studies in AHO Oslo under Sverre Fehn and Christian Norberg Schultz. I spent 3 years during my studies in Barcelona following classes at the Technical University in Barcelona, ETSAB and at the art school of Massana. It was in this inspiring city that I finally decided to become an architect.

Back at AHO in 1992 I met Reinhard Kropf and we started our collaboration and partnership right there.We formally established the firm H&H in 1996, following the completion of our Diplomas and having done smaller work and competitions.

I guess what sustains our partnership is a shared philosophy that embraces both understanding life and architecture as a continuous co-creation. I love to feel able to join this slowly embodying evolution with increasing awareness and sustainable insight.




To better understand our complex relational patterns, and to find tools for organizing and working together in more conscious ways, I have completed supervision education based on psychosynthesis and Gestalt theory. Architectural practice is finally about extensive collaborative processes - a multidisciplinary field work.

I identify with Askeladden of Norwegian folklore - most creative when faced with challenging tasks and direct encounter with the recourses at hand.

Beside working, I’m also addicted to nature and spend a lot of time running and wave-surfing the shores of Jæren.


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Helen & Hard Stavanger

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