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12 Flotel Modules
47 Windows
25 sqm
2.7 m Ceilings
Recycling Offshore Industry
Stavanger, Norway
Helen & Hard


One of the urgent challenges facing Stavanger, as Norway’s oil capital, is the future use of discarded industrial materials. Another “side product” of the flourishing oil industry is the homogeneous production of expensive dwelling projects for an upwardly mobile middle class.

Questioning this new norm, B-Camp is an experimental development in which residues from the oil industry have been used to create a low-budget combined living and working alternative for young, creative individuals. Located in the largely industrial fringe of Stavanger’s centre, and adjacent to the Helen & Hard studio, the project is conceived of as an artistic “incubator”.

The project is constructed from 12 timber-framed modules bought from an outdated flotel (floating living quarters for offshore oil workers). The modules were recombined and connected vertically to form four individual studios.

The surrounding neighbourhood consists of a fine weave of small timber log houses and closed backyards, which contrast dramatically with adjacent enormous concrete silos. In an attempt to emphasize this peculiar scale difference, the development was broken into its smallest modules of 270cm X 300cm.

All sanitary fixtures were reused and simply upgraded, while small kitchens were added. What the scant 25-35 m2 units lack in space has been compensated for with 270cm high ceilings, bi-level plans, and individual terraces on the upper level.  Because of the scarce footprint the building department accepted smaller and steeper stairs than are required by code.

Insulation was added to the modules, which was then clad with transparent corrugated plastic sheets, which provide an additional layer of heating. 47 surplus windows have been distributed on the facades, not only providing improved daylighting but also serving as alternative form of cladding as well as façade display units. Towards a communal courtyard behind, scrap metal sheets have been partly used as cladding.

Team: Siv Helene Stangeland, Cecilie Andersson

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