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1 Featured in the comic strip ‘Lunch’ by Børge Lund (2015)
Bjergsted Financial Park, Stavanger
New head office for SR-bank in the centre of Stavanger. In collaboration with SAAHA, iARK and Landskapsfabrikken.
Stavanger, Norway

Scheduled completion 2019

SR-Banks unique position in Rogaland will be strengthened through it`s new location in a central financial park and cultural arena; ”Finansparken” (Financial Park) Here the company can realize it`s visions of creating value in the local area. The buildings idea is simple, reflects the banks vision and offers the best for the surroundings and the buildings users. It is an example of the future workplace and one of Europes largest office buildings in timber.

Bjerksted financial park opens towards the town and creates a generous connection between the building and its surroundings. The internal arrangement of the building makes it come to life through light, air and natural meeting places that connect to the atrium and park. To make a large scale bank in timber challenges the notion of a strong robust bank, while breaking ground for the use of structural timber. The main structure of the 13 500m2 over ground is made of timber up to 7 floors. This rests on a 9000m2 underground structure.


The site lies within an area of contrasting urban fabric. The building embraces this transitional context and uses this tension as a driver for site-specific design, differing in character and scale to negotiate between the surrounding situations.

To experience the new building as a part of the neighbouring Bjergsted park it was important to establish a green area on the site. We believe this is most appropriately located towards the south as it creates a transition to the domestic scaled timber housing. This small park area will make the building seem freestanding in green surroundings for people approaching from the city centre. This is where the main entrance is found. Towards the east the building expresses a more urban character; the elongated, calm facade gradually develops in height along the street. Here the building steps in and creates a sheltered walkway along the street, which also houses a bus stop. The point at which is reaches 7 floors the building creates a monumentality and an axis to the old concert hall – ”kuppelhallen” in Bjerksted park.


From an early onset the client was clear in their wish to use timber for the main structure, mainly due to its positive effects on the users; the experiential and health bringing qualities of the future workspaces. This was further backed by timbers innate sustainable aspects providing ground for a BREEAM nor Excellent certification.

Columns and double beams are made of mass timber; Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) of beech on the lower floors and standard glue laminated timber in the upper floors. The floors, including the roof is made of cross-laminated timber (CLT) elements which span across the frames. Perimeter beams of LVL along the facades connect the frames and together with the clt floors stiffen the whole system and transmit horizontal forces to the concrete elevator cores. All connections are timber dowels of beech. The dowels have a high stability and can take the axial loads, shear loads and moments in the joints. The buildings lifecycle is prolonged by the buildings ability to house flexible spaces made by multiplying and subdividing the 5,4m structural grid.

A mock-up of a small segment of the building was built during the design process. This gave the future users the opportunity to experience their future work space first hand in a 1:1 scale. The mockup was also used to test almost all aspects of the building, from construction, connections, accoustics, ducting and materiality. The project is currently under construction.

Project in collaboration with SAAHA architects.

Helen & Hard: Siv Helene Stangeland, Reinhard Kropf, Peter Feltendal, Njål Undheim, Guillermo Ramirez, Mariana Calvete, Håkon Solheim and Håvard Auklend.

Timber engineering: Creation Holz; Hermann Blümer

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