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Bjergsted Studenterlund
An invited competition for new student housing in Stavanger
Stavanger Student Organization


Helen & Hard was invited by the Stavanger Student Organization (SIS) to take part in a competition for a new student housing project in Stavanger.

The main focus was to develop a unique and sustainable housing area for students, while creating an attractive outdoor area as expansion of the adjacent Bjergstedparken, that provides interaction and enrichment for the whole area. It was important to embed the project in the urban context and form new connections through the site towards the park and the town center.

The student housing is placed like a frame around the triangle shaped site and creates a quality outdoor space within this frame. Referring to the existing road system and natural environment, the long volumes are divided in segments and slightly bent at the main access areas to emphasis these connection points. The V-shaped building opens up towards the southern end of the site and follows the natural terrain in order to achieve a good positioning in terms of sun and view.

To connect the private zones of the housing area with the public demands of a park, the outdoor area is divided in 3 different zones – a more private activity garden, that also functions as outdoor common area for the students, a central square with an integrated amphitheater and a large green area in the southern part of the site, that opens up towards the public areas and is seen as natural enlargement of the existing Bjergstedparken.

The project was developed on base of prefabricated modules that allow flexibility and differentiation in the building system and give a distinct architectonic appearance. The module system makes it possible to create a housing structure that refers to the scale of the single-family-house neighborhood, but is still readable as one unity. By combining, stacking and turning the modules different types of housing units are created. The family units are placed on the ground floor in the more quiet border areas and have a private garden. The couple units consist of two floors and are positioned in the upper levels. The Single B units are placed with the long façade towards the park area and get a maximum sunlight input while the single A units are double-ended and have direct access to the activity garden.

The building fulfills passive house standard and meets the requirements of Stavanger’s environmental initiative “Framtidens byer”. Many aspects of energy use, CO2 consumption and environmental friendly construction were fundamental to the project.

Team: Siv Helene Stangeland, Randi Augenstein, Regina Bitterlich, Anne-Sofie Nielsen, Adela Rubio Gandia, Javier Lopez de la Cova

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