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Bore Surfcamp
Surf hostel
Borestranden, Norway
Stille og Rolig AS

under construction – completed 2018

Originally these reclaimed barracks from the oil industry were converted by Helen & Hard into rental units located in Vindmøllebakken, Stavanger. This project was called B-camp and stood between 2011-2018.

These units are now saved from demolition and moved to Bore beach to house its third function in this re-reuse strategy.

The Bore surf camp is a collection of eco-rental units for surfers and other beach enthusiasts next to Bore beach, a preferred place for surfers from around the globe. Its aim is to become the hub for the surfers in the area. The surf-camp will appear as a small village of small built structures around a central courtyard with a total of 20 beds for rent . This outdoor space will become an important hang-out and activity space. It will also house practical features related to surf school and surfing activities and such as an outdoor shower, outdoor kitchen, storage room, drying facilities for wetsuits etc.


Each module has its individual interior expression with bespoke interior solution and private outdoor spaces. The exterior has a wholesome expression with white paneling, with old surf board patterns stensiled around the windows.

Helen & Hard;
Siv Helene Stangeland,
Håkon Minnesjord Solheim,
Una Ledaal

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