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1125 Ha
1000 Units
Brekstad Masterplan
Area plan and Regulation plan
Brekstad, Ørland kommune
Ørland kommune


The Norwegian government decided that the military airbase on the outskirts of Brekstad, in the municipality of Ørland, was to be developed as the main base for Norway’s fleet of fighter planes. The decision led the municipality to set a target of 35% population growth by 2026. An essential tool for realizing this goal was a zoning masterplan for Brekstad with an aim to develop an attractive and sustainable coastal town.

The masterplan aimed to strengthen Brekstads position as the local centre by building upon and reinforcing its coastal identity through quality-conscious densification.

The masterplan’s conceptual framework can be interpreted as a “weave”. The weave was used as a strategic device to interconnect functions and resources in and around the town centre, and to maintain contact with the sea and surrounding nature.

Planning focused on four strategic levels of development:

1) The town centre’s internal organisation and its connection with the surrounding area:
nature, the shoreline and historical context.

2) Urban structure:
densification and new typologies - “The Brekstad wedge” (“Brekstadkilen”).

3) Common outdoor spaces and urban infrastructure:
social meeting places, sight lines and travel routes variety and diversity, attractiveness and space for bicycles.

4) Architecture and design:
attitudes and characteristics; identity and local references manifesting sustainability in buildings and their surrounds the “weather weave”: physical elements interlacing the town centre providing weather protection and furnishing public space, and serving as storytellers and guides in the local context.

Project team : Siv Helene Stangeland, Ane S. Dahl, Randi Augenstein, Salas Montes, Beate Asbjørnsen, Lala-Tøyen (Landskapsarkitekt)

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