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Christian Krohgs Gate
Apartments on top of an old factory
Oslo, Norway
Frode Røste


Extension of a small brick building from 1836 situated along Akerselva in the center of Oslo. Today the building, which was an old factory, houses offices. Two apartment floors are added above the existing building and makes a new roof to the old house. This is the only part of the building which is no longer original. The proposal consists of 6 duplexes and 3 penthouses. The existing top floor will be included in the new project and become the first floor of the 6 duplexes. Offices remain on the two lower floors.

The project will give a boost to the surrounding area. The translucent cladding emerges as a chandelier which lightens up and brings a positive effect on it´s surroundings.
The extension will give the old building a new focus and together they produce a new synergy.

Team: Reinhard Kropf, Karen Jansen, Alex Sandulseco.

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