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Invited proposal for competition in cooperation with landscapearchitects Østengen & Bergo.
Sandnes, Norway
Sandnes Kommune


The competition brief was to propose a new urban park for Sandnes Sentrum. The programme for this park included a bus terminal and service buildings. In addition smaller and larger urban spaces to be used as venues for concerts and other activities were proposed.

The project, named DEL-TA (directly translated: participate), creates an urban space based on the areas own potential development. The development is divided into three stages: 1) the building of a new landscape based on the original topography; river estuaries. Where the desedimentation process provides a basis for new topography and programme. 2) In cooperation with a biologist, a biotope with vegetation is stimulated to grow in this environment, creating vegetation on the sediments; an ecosystem is made. 3) Users together with specialists will be introduced to the area and begin the cultivation of the delta – landscape.

Team: Reinhard Kropf, Dag Strass, Ane S. Dahl, Manuel Perez, Fernando Lecanda, Eilidh Izat, Adela Rubio. Visualisation: Joakim Hoen, Javier Elvira Lopez. Landscape architects: Østengen & Bergo. Biologist: Anders Often, NINA. Artists: Phase7, Peter Marigold, Vibeke Rullestad, Daniela Arriado.

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