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Kjærberget Master Plan
Master Plan for a large residential development and design of Stages B1 & B2
Skadberg, Sola, Norway
Fjogstad Hus


The main ambition of this master plan was to create a holistically planned residential environment, which would respond carefully to the existing landscape and the specifics of each site, while encouraging a diverse range of housing typologies and maximizing shared outdoor spaces. The result is a series of “micro-milieus”, a series of residential zones, with different characteristics and densities depending on the individual characteristics of each site.

Helen & Hard included larger free spaces than is typical in the area - altogether 51,700 square meters, around 4 times as much as the commune demanded. These spaces create a continuous green belt connecting the surrounding farming, nature and recreational areas with the development in a sort of continuous net.

Kjærberget - B1

The first stage of the masterplan’s realisation, the project’s massing utlises and accentuates the steep terrain. Two access roads run parallel to the site’s contour lines, while buildings’ volumes are long and slender, following the roads. 28 single family houses step down with the terrain ensuring that every uphill row has a view over the row in front of it. To maximise these views, the houses are staggered.

Kjærberget - B2

The second phase of the masterplan traces arc on the distinctive contours of the landscape. Two rows of houses create a “bowl” shape, with ample sunlight reaching large gardens facing south or west. The dwellings’ U-shaped plans create two faces - one towards the street and mountain views and the other facing a shielded garden. The fan shape accentuates the houses’ free-standing character.

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