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a new cultural centre for Randaberg
Randaberg, Norway
Randaberg Kommune

2012 - 2013

An existing public building in Randaberg is transformed into a new cultural centre, with a culture-school, youth club, volunteering centre, café, meeting places etc. The new double façade gives the building natural ventilation, new and better spatial organization, and more informal meeting places, both indoors and outdoors. The new double façade is also an energy buffer, so that the energy loss from the old building is reduced, while the original facade is preserved. The new façade is built up of 12 curved brick-wall elements, and 12 glass elements. All these elements are mounted so their rhythm corresponds with the existing facade, and gives new possibilities of entrances and seating arrangements.

The new cultural house called Landsbyhuset should through its use, activities and programme, together with a new and upgraded appearance, stand as one of the most important public places in Randaberg. The building will contribute to regain activity in the city square, a place which until now has not been able to use it’s existing potential.

Team: Randi Augenstein, Håkon Solheim, Siv Helene Stangeland, Covadonga Toro Pascual, Ane S. Dahl

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