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Lista feasability study
Invited feasability study in collaboration with Pir2 and Tyin tegnestue.
Lista, Norway
Hanangermona grunneierlag


The aim for this area is to create an eco-friendly and beautiful turist centre that blends in with the landscape, that will become popular, win prizes and become recognised internationally. A beacon for Farsund, the lister region and the south of Norway. A project that shows the landscapes potential.

To build on the strengths and qualities of the area, the proposal keeps the distinctive sanddune landscape while re-establishing the sanddune landscape further into the site. These sanddunes will become the basis for placing, forming and integrating the new buildings and activities. This gives the area authenticity, without overpowering the valuable existing sanddune landscape. The proposal gives the area a unique landscape with new and untraditional forms for recreation and outdoor activity.


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