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14 timber pavilions
5 folklore topics
New and Norwegian - A World of Folk
An exhibition curated by Li Edelkoort as part of Stavanger as Capital of Culture, 2008
Stavanger, Norway
Stavanger Capital of Culture

January- April, 2008

The exhibition “New and Norwegian - A World of Folk” was curated by reknown trend-analyst Li Edelkoort and shown as part of the program for Stavanger as the Capital of Culture 2008. The exhibited objects are grouped under 5 folklore topics: ecological, rural, tribal, archetypical and global.

Helen & Hard designed a “village” of 14 timber-pavilions that recall traditional Norwegian log-architecture, forming 5 conglomerates, each housing one of the 5 topics. The original timber floor of the old industrial building was painted in different shades of grey to demarcate these groups.


In the adjacent building, an old barn for brick drying was covered with a translucent foil and used for temporary events like the opening ceremony and markets.

The project creates a temporary exhibition space within an existing factory hall, caring about spatial relationships, lighting conditions and the introduction of a new materiality as a frame for the specific exhibition theme.

Team: Reinhard Kropf, Moritz Groba

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