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Winning competition entry
Nittedal, Norway
Oxer Eiendom

The masterplan for Rotnes consists of a network of courtyards, which are surrounded by woods and forms an urban and protected spatial experience in contrast to the wild, natural outside. The masterplan reinterprets the traditional courtyard structures that are characteristic for the area and bring new qualities unique to Nittedal.

The interplay of ecological, biological and spatial qualities was exploited for their implicit form-generating potential, which has created unique and atmospheric spaces on the site.

Each courtyard contains between 40 to 50 units, which have proved a good size for a diverse and well-functioning neighbourhood. Some courtyards are car-free, while others are designed as shared space. All courtyards contain safe playgrounds, public functions and social meeting places. Courtyards also bring the possibility of common energy solutions, waste management and sharing arrangements that reduces infrastructure and cost.

The masterplan is designed through an encompassing structuring principle consisting of a set of rules which provide the basis for a parametric model that bring a rich variety of spatial experiences. The volumes meander and adapt to contour lines, existing trees, rocks or other prominent landscape elements and can be optimized according to views, light, private gardens and density.

The site is located in close proximity to Nittedal railroad station and we want to strengthen the existing hub and increase the density near the station. This provides a unique opportunity to create housing for those who want proximity to both the city and the magnificent recreational areas. A new square with commercial space on the ground floor will act as a portal, welcoming residents and visitors into the new residential area.

A proposed new route for the highway that passes through Nittedal that will have direct impact on the site has received political support, but is still unsettled. The new route, with accompanying exits, would occupy valuable land on the site, interfere with several small streams and destroy areas with biologically valuable forest. This potential challenge has been closely considered in the design of the masterplan for Rotnes, which includes a proposal for both scenarios.

Team: Fredrik Krogeide, Salas Montes, Paola Garcia, Preben Holst

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