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Hurum Brygge
A low rise, high-density plan for Hurum Brygge Transformation and development of a traditional coastal town
Tofte, Hurum, Norway
Anthon B. Nilsen Eiendom


The masterplan for Hurum Brygge embraces the qualities of traditional Norwegian coastal towns characterised by low rise, high-density wooden houses which through its design and detailing has a diverse and simultaneously unified expression. Inspired by these coastal towns Hurum Brygge offers a human scale and outdoor spaces that facilitate informal meetings with neighbours and passers-by.

The houses are organized by a coherent structure named Hurum Fiber, a sequence of shared outdoor spaces that structure the development. The fibers consist of quiet streets, intimate neighborhood squares and winding paths, which creates varied outdoor spaces and connect the neighbourhoods with the main square and the recreation areas along the shoreline.

Tegltorget is Hurum central meeting place. The name reflects the existing buildings, which will be preserved - historic industrial buildings in red brick that played an important role in the site’s past as a paper mill. Commercial functions are outwardly directed in the historic buildings, while the new buildings will contain a commercial ground floor and housing on the floors above.

Location, existing vegetation and traces of past activity will serve as the basis for the design of the neighbourhood squares. They are formed as unique microenvironments where character and diversity is important for the identity of each square. 

Diverse recreational functions are established along the gentle shoreline and are accessed by a meandering coastal path. The public path stretches along the entire development and provides the users with access to the sea.

Aylin Jørgensen-Dahl, Karen Jansen, Aina Telhaug, Salas Montes, Monika Pilkauskaite, Erlend Torkildsen

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