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Ski Villengajordet
Ski, Norway


The urbanization plan for Ski Vest is part of a larger holistic master plan for the municipality of Ski.

The aim is to start a sustainable and healthy growth on untouched land. Our plan evolves around connecting the two main qualities of the site: walking distance to the train station and proximity to natural areas.

The program includes business, one thousand dwelling units, urban streets, retail, school, kinder gardens, sports facilities and other recreational activities.

A woven tissue/weave/web/structure concept connects new and existing in an organic grid. Public and private zones are organized and knit in clear hierarchies.

Two main recreational spaces are essential to the pulse of the structure: one urban play street, the other an existing birch and pine forest. An overall cultivated green structure will form connection throughout the area.

The natural sloping terrain inspires the arranging of building mass in terraces.

A variation of building typologies and living arrangements will secure social diversity, flexibility and sustainability over time. Dwelling units are arranged in neighbouring communities of 25-30 entities. Enclosing the housing area, office buildings protect from trafficked roads.

Shared access, parking and outdoors space benefit natural interaction. The main street Vestveien will locate a small square, where business, retail and a new health centre activate the space during daytime.

Green structures and architecture facilitate a minimum of visible cars. A bicycle and pedestrian route move through the whole site, pass the square, and end in Ski Centre. These suggestions altogether encourage a car-free everyday life.

Team: Siv Helene Stangeland, Moritz Groba, Reinhard Kropf.

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