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150 CLT cut-outs of doors and windows used for furniture
Student Housing in Sørhauggata
"Living in hundred". Collaboration with iTre
Haugesund, Norway
Student Welfare Organization of Stord/Haugesund


Sørhauggata 100 is developed in collaboration with iTre and aims to create simple and rational student housing with a cross-laminated timber load-bearing construction.

The project is an infill located in the centre of Haugesund, close to the Stord/Haugesund University College. The building fills an empty site in a street of varied building typologies. It has a compact volume with small units organized around a central corridor. To preserve the scale of the adjacent buildings, two staircases divide the street elevation in three parts. In addition to providing a social meeting place on each floor, the staircases bring light and activity through the facade into the building.

The individual units are rationally organized with integrated furniture and storage solutions. A warm and inviting atmosphere is achieved with timber surfaces that reveal the construction.

In addition to the main building, a courtyard pavilion houses studio apartments. The pavilion is connected to the main building by a roof terrace. The courtyard and roof terrace serve as social meeting places for the building’s residents, and can also be used for public events such as the local film festival.

A transparent ground floor holds conference facilities, laundry and a coffee bar, and allows for interaction between the busy street and the life inside. The students and people of Haugesund can equally use the coffee bar for work and leisure.

The project fulfills the requirements of the passive house standard.

Winner of the “Byggebransjeprisen 2015”, Byggarena Haugesund.

Team: Reinhard Kropf, Karen Jansen, Mariana Calvete and Quique Bayarri

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