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Student Housing at Jekteviksbakken
In collaboration with iTre
Bergen, Norway

Jekteviksbakken is developed in collaboration with iTre and aims to create simple and rational student housing with a cross-laminated timber load-bearing construction.

The project comprises 25 units for small families with a kindergarten located on the top floor. The site is a natural ground close to campus in the centre of Bergen.

Two older villas next to the site currently accommodate kindergartens run by the Student Association. The new kindergarten is conceived as an extension of the existing ones together designed for 120 units.

A marked cliff characterizes the plot. The proposal preserves this characteristic with a gentle intervention, minimizing blasting and preserving existing trees. Two volumes are placed in an L-shape, oriented to optimize both view and sun. Pulled back from the rock, the buildings include and activate the cliff. The building form makes an embracing and protective movement towards the existing kindergarten and playground.

The building volumes continue the neighbouring block typology. The space between the buildings breaks up the façade towards the street, and invites users in. All access is placed outside in the terrain, creating social meeting places for children and adults. Paths along the terrain serve small individual bridges to the units on each floor.

The units consist of two staggered rectangles, one for sleeping and one for living area as well as an outdoor part. Light is consistently brought through each unit, providing optimal light conditions and visual contact to both sides.

Due to the fact that Bergen is known for its rather wet climate, the units are equipped with recessed private loggias. One makes the entrance area (for stroller and wellies), the other a balcony on the front facade. Alternative glazed balconies can reduce noise from the main street and provide a more flexible living space.

Play area on the roof will be a natural part of the outdoor areas for all kindergarten units, having an overlook of its near surroundings and the harbour life. Our aim is to let the student housing together with the kindergarten create a synergy effect, becoming the uppermost positive element in its context.

Team: Reinhard Kropf, Karen Jansen

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