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Student Housing in Kjølnes
Porsgrunn, Norway


The project in Kjølnes, Porsgrunn, is developed in collaboration with iTre and aims to create simple and rational student housing with a load-bearing construction in cross-laminated timber, planned and produced within very short time.

It is situated in close proximity to the Campus of the University of Telemark. A former parking lot was transformed into a student village, with a tight grid of 8 houses, each with a footprint of 13m x 13m and one house for storage spaces, technical installations and the laundry-room.

The houses are placed quite close to each other, with wide staircases in front, to invite the students to actively use the exterior as the primary shared space in the project. The combination of small footprints and their close arrangement around the green areas encourages communication and identification with the neighbors.

The houses consist of two main stories, 2 flats in the 2nd floor make use of the increasing ceiling height by providing an additional floor for the bedroom.

There are 3 different typologies for the houses: Six houses with 12 single units and two apartments for couples each, one where two single apartments are merged into a fully accessible apartment, and one with 6 family units. 4 different colour shades from dark green to yellow strengthen the identity of the separate buildings. The roof surfaces, sloping down diagonally, add up to a playful roofscape. They are equipped with stonecrops (green roof), which lessen the effect of heavy rainfall as well as providing added insulation.

The individual units are organized with integrated furniture; the bathroom and kitchenette are minimized to open up as much space as possible for the primary room. For at least one wall and the ceiling, the load bearing timber elements form the visible, finished surfaces in nearly all rooms.

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Team: Reinhard Kropf, Moritz Groba, Karen Jansen, Quique Bayarri, Marta Kowalewicz

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