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Våronnveien 17
Winning competition entry
Oslo, Norway

Scheduled completion 2019

The project is initiated by the largest Nordic cooperative building association, Obos in collaboration with Future Built, a program that aims for developing carbon neutral urban areas and high-quality architecture.

Fast growing cities like Oslo are in need of high-quality and sustainable urban developments for a constantly changing and plural population. We see this building as an opportunity to create a pilot project that could give answers to these challenges, with equal ambitions in architecture quality, community development, society, environment and economy.

The project is based on 7 different conceptual themes generating a holistic approach: urban approach, safety and community relations, wood construction and smart systems, habitat, diversity, climate adaptation and natural experiences.

The building, with 8 floors and wood construction, will become a landmark in the Østensjø district that was developed during the ‘60s and ‘70s and has suffer very little change since then. The new volume and materiality will stand out as a new icon in the otherwise brick dominated neighbourhood.

To achieve an adaptive volume, the building varies in height, stepping from 4 to 8 stories, and relating to the neighbour buildings. There are in total 32 apartments of various sizes from 35 to 74 m2 with main focus in flexible solutions, high quality spaces, healthy materials, good ventilation and efficient energy solutions.

The building block is based on a collective thought and share several common areas such as common kitchen, guest apartment and electrical car-pool. Common areas are located on the lower floors and outdoor spaces as well as in the top floor terrace. The ground floor area towards the street is flexible and allows different programs such as local café, bike workshop, etc.

Thinking green regarding mobility with charging stations for electrical bikes and establishing a generous and convenient bicycle parking has been a priority in the design. The plot is rather limited when it comes to outdoor areas and we therefore strive for a plurality of experiences in every side of the building. We suggest place-adapted vegetation, rain gardens, biotope roofs and solar panels as part of the high environmental ambitions in the project.

We aim to create a housing development that encourages for a sustainable life, and we hope that the project will become a local reference in both community development and wood construction that will emphasize the importance of thinking sustainable in a holistic way.


Team: Aina Sand Telhaug, Paola Simone Garcia, Reinhard Kropf, Monika Pilkauskaite
Timber engineering: Creation Holz; Hermann Blümer

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