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A co-living housing project in timber
Stavanger, Norway
Kruse Smith Eiendom AS, Helen & Hard AS

Under development

Vindmøllebakken is a new housing project in Stavanger Øst situated at Helen & Hards former office site. It is influenced by the vernacular city fabric around the site by its orientation and by the size of the footprint of each housing unit. It is a new form of urban high density small scale typology to be built in timber. 
The whole project consists of 54 housing units, 40 units belonging to the co-living project based on the model of “gaining by sharing” - a model for sustainable co- living.
Vindmøllebakken brings together most of Helen & Hards interests and core knowledge fields combining timber structure, urban housing and social engagement. The project is innovative in four areas; a new timber component is being developed to suit multistory housing, a new spatial organisation facilitating sharing, a new user participatory process and possibilities for reusing and recycling old factory elements from an existing structure on the site.

Vindmøllebakken is the first Gaining by Sharing project to be realized.
The project is on sale now.

Gaining by Sharing is a new commercial co-living model based on principles of sharing. Helen & Hard has developed the model together with Indigo Vekst and Gaia Trondheim. The main intention is to reduce our carbon footprint, while increasing life quality and even solving social health challenges linked to for example loneliness. Each unit consists of a private apartment including all necessary functions, while benefitting from the multiple shared spaces. This housing model provides guiding principles for organization, project development processes and architectural solutions that support and make sharing natural and smart both for residents needs and for the future city development. The integrated and facilitated user participation strategy introduces the values and potentials of the sharing model and gives the end user opportunities to influence their living conditions. The model sets standards for energy use, use of timber and materials with low emissions and renewable energy sources.

Helen & Hard: Siv Helene Stangeland, Reinhard Kropf, Randi Augenstein, Ane Dahl og Håkon Solheim.
Timber engineering: Creation Holz; Hermann Blümer

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