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Winning entry for invited competition for a new nursery and extension of the science centre; Vitengarden
Hå Kommune, Norway
Hå Kommune


How can we create a synergy between two different institutions as a museum/science centre and a nursery?

How can we accommodate for a physical environment that encourages ‘learning by doing’, and where one can experience the journey from soil to sandwich?

How can we transpose high quality museum architecture while satisfying the need of the client for more operational and administrative facilities?

By exploring traditional places that satisfies these needs we found the farmyard to be a good reference as a place for gathering, activity and exhibition. It is a place for people, animals and machines, where we can build, store, meet, transport and exhibit. Children can learn about the relationship between people, farm animals, crops and farming equipment. Here you can experience the change of the seasons, weather, eco systems and the interaction between the farm and the surrounding wildlife.

The project is arranged around two central farmyards. The buildings surround the farmyards, while people meet within them. The farmyards are inviting and including.

Vitentunet ties the various functions together; nursery, administration and rentable project rooms. This is a public place.

The second farmyard – Driftstunet – is the operational yard. The Driftstun is private and used for the running of the science centre. This includes the delivery point, storage and waste facilities, and a workshop. The existing exhibition area can be accessed from this yard.


Team: Reinhard Kropf, Peter Feltendal, Ane S. Dahl, Joakim Hoen, Anna Mackenzie, Troels Thorbjørnson, Nate Cook, Rikke Nyrud.

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