Relational Design

Helen & Hard are creating architectural solutions that shall serve and inspire people to a sustainable life.

From the very beginning Helen&Hard has been occupied with the more manifold and complex relations in which architecture evolves. Exploring a more co-dependent arising of spatial, material and human organization has become a core agenda.

We are working with “relational-designs and design capacities”– meaning conceptual, organizational, structural and material propositions that are allowing feedback loops to influence while at the same time guiding us through a process towards a more sustainable project. Design is then not merely a solution but a vehicle for an interdisciplinary process that could lead to a more sustainable development, and which necessarily includes a learning process for the parties involved.

We see the task of the architect to listen into the growth form of a project and what is needed to unfold its potential. It means on one hand engaging creatively in the composition and timely sequencing of these different modes and levels of design, methods and feedback loops.  On the other hand it means exploring how the basic elements of architecture; the spatial and material organization can serve synergistic design solutions. Especially our specialization in visible timber structures show this apporoach.To manage this means caring for all the different parts in a project and how they can be developed and optimized at the same time as they are creating a coherent whole.

Our book: "Relational design" deals with the idea of relational design as we attempt to grasp and practice it in our projects and work. As an architectural awareness as well as a working method it is inspired by the inherent ability of biological systems to sustain complex forms and life. 

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