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70 Air Mattresses
2 People to Assemble
15 sqm
Air Force Take Away
Danubian Dreams
Bratislava, Slovakia
Gandy Gallery, Bratislava


Danubian Dreams is a project initiated by the Gandy Gallery in Bratislava. The gallery invited five European architects to design and develop a temporary pavilion reflecting new use and lifestyle, crossing the boundary between art, design and architecture. The pavilions should be assembled and transported by two persons and shouldn’t exceed 15m2.

Helen & Hard’s pavilion, ”Air Force Take Away” explored two different modes of nomadic ”spatialization”: occupying a territory with a carpet and personalizing it with an individual’s personal effects. Our design of the shed combines these two nomadic modes into a single performative surface responsive to programmatic, spatial and environmental changes. Personal effects are woven into the carpet as ”scapes”. The carpet can roll-up into a variety of forms, more or less opened depending on one’s needs.

The carpet is made out of 70 air-mattresses sewn together into a grid and later inflated. The resulting form is thus lightweight and soft. The areas between this grid are filled with various recycled materials each with its own function: air mattresses, recycled beverage containers produced by a Basura women’s coop in the Philippines and recycled wool, etc.

”Air Force Take Away” has accommodated delicacies from both Norway and Slovakia within its spacious interior to drink, eat, and relax. The kitchen is one of the various ”scapes” integrated into the carpet. In its flat configuration the carpet can be used in the water as a large raft or as play area for children.

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