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6 tree cocoons
15 kids per camp
2 thousand campers in 2010
Small Satellite Cabins near the Pulpit Rock Mountain Lodge
Strand, Norway
Stavanger Trekking Association


Located close to the Pulpit Rock Mountain Lodge, Base Camp aims to introduce children to outdoor and camping activities. Base Camp is comprised of interactive, nomadic structures and intends to trigger play and learning. The camps derive their materiality and structure through a dialogue with the natural environment and form a playful praxis of place making. In Mountain Wall, children sleep inside a steel structure attached to a steep rock face.  The entire camp is hung on steel-wires; pressure-loaded steel tubes create the distance between the rock and the camp’s façade. These tubes double as bed frames, supporting five levels of sleeping platforms. A cotton sheath envelops the cabin, camouflage-painted to mimic the rock beyond the facade.

Tree Camp consists of six cocoons hung around living trees, providing shelter for camping children. Four are connected by a hanging bridge, which leads into the larger pod to one end where the children can meet and prepare food. Water Camp provides children with hammocks on a covered quay. This camp is built into the rock, its roof echoing the dramatic natural forms. The Water Camp cabin has been designed for universal usage and can be accessed by wheelchair users. All camps accommodate between 12 and 15 children.

Team: Håkon Solheim and many office brains more

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