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4 Apartments
The Chapel
Stavanger, Norway
Bedehuset AS


The client had hoped to demolish a 1930s functionalist-style chapel, replacing it with a new apartment building. Seeing the potential in the existing structure, we argued against demolition, proposing instead that the four different dwelling units be placed within the old brick shell.

The aim: to create a condensed multi-unit structure. The conversion of the old chapel preserved the integrity of the property, now twice the density of new developments. An extrusion of the sanctuary gained a third floor on the street-facing exposure.

An open space between the old and new structures became a common courtyard and access corridor connecting the underground parking to all four apartments and a shared roof terrace. The existing brick walls were painted crimson red and the units are clad in polished aluminium panels, reflecting the color and light of the courtyard.

The density of this cluster allows for typological variety: a ‘Tower House’, two ‘Terraced Houses’ and a ‘Container House’ all within the same structure.

The ’Tower House’ faces the street and has three floors. The upper level projects over the common entrance and creates space for a roof terrace. The ’Terraced Houses’ are located in the courtyard, with entrance, bathroom and bedroom on the ground floor and lounge and kitchen on the first floor. The lounge faces west and has a terrace traversing the courtyard.

Team: Cecilie Andersson, Njål Undheim

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