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1st Prize
19 ribs
Fløien Experience Center
Prize winning Competition entry for an experience and exploration center in Bergen
Fløien, Bergen, Stavanger
Fløibanen AS


The winning competition entry for a new experience and exploration centre at Fløien, Bergen, Helen & Hard’s concept focuses on the integration of the experiential, the pedagogical and the explorative aspects of the building.

From the city centre, a cable railway takes the visitor 350 m up to Fløien, a lookout point, overlooking the whole city. The structure of the building consists of two parts: one blasted into the ground/rock, and the other as a light, transparent volume of prefabricated, wooden frames.

The project contains space for exhibition, experience and exploration, conference auditorium, café, shop and administration and workshop for the Fløibanen. A track leads you through the entire building, and the information exchange is integrated in the architectonic solutions. The building has energy-saving equipment as bio-fuel heating, solar panels and a hybrid ventilation system.

Team: Njål Undheim, Barbara Ascher, Ane Dahl (competition)

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