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4 volumes
84 dwellings
Multiple family housing in Stavanger
Stavanger, Norway
Bjergsted Invest


Gauselbakken lies in a transformation zone just south of Stavanger’s city centre. The challenge was to develop a viable alternative to the traditional suburban villa typology, and to design a different neighbourhood responding to the potential of the site. The reponse followed four different approaches:

1. Four semi-partitioned areas connecting with the local context.
- Idyll: facing a surround of old trees and large park-like spaces, planted façades and private gardens.
- Sports: a common gymnasium, climbing wall, rubberized ground surfaces and connectivity with adjoining sports field.
- Display: orientation towards the adjacent street and shopping centre.
- Adventure/play: facing an existing housing development and open space, it consists of family housing and play facilities.

2. The four building volumes, which frame a central common recreational area are designed to provide optimal sunlight within the units and terraces while also affording fjord views to the east.

3. The creation of contrasting relationships between the 84 dwelling units and different housing typologies, from one-bedroom flats to terraced houses.

4. An inventive range of uses to encourage community interation, such as a gymnasium and squash court open to the central courtyard, a workshop with bicycle storage, conference and lounge areas adjacent to the courtyard and a large wooden hot tub on the roof terrace.

Team: Njål Undheim, Dag Strass, Bryon Murdok

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