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4 volumes
24 apartments
Housing on Haugesundsgate
A diversity of housing typologies on Stavanger's waterfront area
Stavanger, Norway
Victor Husebø


Helen & Hard undertook the urban planning of Stavanger’s eastern waterfront region in 1999. The apartment development on Haugesundsgate emerged from that masterplan, spearheading the transformation of the area.

The design for 24 apartments, in four volumes, with a storefront bank branch, allowed us to challenge the apartment typology - we sought diversity in the apartment typologies and sizes, in order to encourage a vibrant community. Communal spaces play a critical role, with a central open space the focal point of the design, enveloped by open roof terraces.

The massing of the development relates closely to the urban context. Smaller volumes articulate the boundary towards the historical residential zone, while the timber tower fronts the more commercial edge on busy Haugesundsgate.

The facades draw inspiration from Stavanger’s timber architectural heritage, using playful interpretion of color, volume and fenestration to enliven the developing, formerly industrial area.

Team: Reinhard Kropf, Ane Dahl, Njål Undheim

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