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1 beaver family living in the river Hurdalselva
Hurdal Urban Sustainable Village
Hurdal is an ambitious pilot project on urban sustainable village development
Hurdal, Norway
Municipality of Hurdal

The project is initiated by an enthusiastic municipality and Helen & Hard is a part of the engaged architect team. The locals, Hurdølingene, are important contributors to the project development. Hurdal is a beautiful valley located nearby the Oslo airport, Gardermoen, Norway.

The ambition is to create a holistic plan that embraces the multiple aspects of designing an attractive place to live. This includes shaping good environments for housing, work and recreation.

The municipality of Hurdal sees the need for a centre where people can meet, stay and easily walk around. We therefore propose a centre with dense intercultural living, business and local shops. 1 - a new urban space with a main square, 2 - a shopping street and 3 - a business square. Smaller courtyards (tun) with diverse building typologies surround the new centre. Additionally a network of pathways, that encourage walking and cycling, will be established. 

As part of the new centre plan of Hurdal, a landmark building is suggested: the Sustainable Academy. It will be located at the main square and offer public activities on the ground floor such as a café, library etc. Workspace, workshops and conference- and lecture rooms will be situated on the upper floors.

The concept of the building is based on a vertical wooden structure that carries multiple cantilevered slabs. The primary structure holds infrastructure and facilitates a diverse and flexible showcase.

There is an existing wood production industry in the municipality and we intend to strengthen the local production using wood as the main material in this project.

The project regenerates several sub projects: investment in the local industry, improved hiking routes, development of cabin and micro houses and experience based playscapes. Together these elements help reach the goal of creating a holistic plan and an attractive place to live.

For additional information on the Hurdal project please see

Team: Reinhard Kropf, Sofie Galåen Bentzen, Mortiz Groba, Aylin Jørgensen-Dahl, Aina Telhaug.

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