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24 Layers
A new entrance pavilion to an existing office complex
Stavanger, Norway


The commission for Ipark, an office complex for young, innovative companies in Stavanger, consisted of the design for a new entrance and reception building, linking to existing office buildings. In addition to this new foyer space, we transformed an old cafeteria into a new administration area, and redeveloped the basement into a spacious changing and locker area.

Responding to the existing context as well as a proposed bus route close to the complex, the new entrance had to fulfill three criteria. The new structure should be:
- clearly recognizable,
- accessible from both the south-western and north-eastern facades
- a connection betweem the two existing buildings.

The design concept is based on a simple principle of stacking prefabricated timber elements to create the façades. By horizontally rotating the elements, two spectacular cantilevers are created accentuating the entrances. At the same time, required smoke exhaustion is allowed for through openings in between the stacks. The structure and geometry of the roof are continued in the walls to finally form the reception desk and seating in the pavilion.

One type of prefabricated timber element solves all the requirements: a fully insulated structural system, fully compliant with fire codes, which provides an interior finished surface while also concealing all service installation. The effect is a dynamic, flowing and, at the same time comfortable spatial experience.

Team: Siv Helene Stangeland, Moritz Groba, Caleb Reed
Timber engineering: Creation Holz; Hermann Blümer

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