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Body and Mind Spa for Marina Abramovic
a Hammam in wood
Hudson, New York, USA
Marina Abramovic

Planned 2019

The spa will be a separate small house in the huge garden of Marina’s summerhouse in Hudson River district two hours north of Manhattan.
The property is dominated by soft, green hills covered by trees. And a river meandering through, which has created a valley-like formation.

Marina wishes to use the spa alone but also bring friends and students from her institute to take part in cleansing and presencing rituals, which she also explores in her artistic work. The spa house will comprise of a sauna, steam room, massage room, wardrobes, showers and a lounge area. Her only more specific wish is that we integrate some of her many large natural crystals, which she collects.

Three different contextual natures have inspired the design language. The sharp, crystalline outer shape of the Spa house relate to the existing star-shaped summer house and also reveal the theme of crystals in the interior. The inner space shaped like an upside down basket made of timber relates to the trees in the garden, and a floor of concrete, stone and rammed earth relate to the geological layers of the ground made visible by the river.

The project aspires to be a new typology for health, body care and social gathering.
For the organising principle, we had a strong preference for the Turkish Hammams, with the hot stone in the middle and the niches around for different cleansing rituals.

The building with ca 60m2 has all the Spa- functions organised in niches between the basket and the outer crystalline building envelope. They all face the spectacular central space lounge area with a huge window facing the garden.

The timber structure has a very complex geometry made to hold the many crystals and will be prefabricated using advanced robotic machinery.

Team: Siv Helene Stangeland, Reinhard Kropf, Randi Augenstein, Mariana Calvete, Kjersti Monsen and Esther Julie Ringer Ellingsen
Timber engineering: Creation Holz; Hermann Blümer

The project is planned to be realized 2019.

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