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Residential Complex on Buøy
Recycling temporary dwelling modules into a new apartment complex on Kommandørveien
Buøy, Stavanger, Norway
Bjerga Bygg AS


Following the completion and publication of B-camp, Helen & Hard was asked to consider another recycle project, this time for a housing development consisting of approximately 150 temporary barrack-style apartment units, each 20m2. Originally devised to house workers from an adjacent maritime construction yard where oil-platforms and ships where constructed, the development was now vacant.

We proposed a variety of different transformations which would create a housing concept for reasonably-priced and adaptable apartments for first-time buyers. What was originally planned as temporary apartments for workers, the complex has become permanent due to the redevelopment.

Original substructures such as deck platforms and utility rooms were retained, while the units were combined and reconfigured to create more spacious dwellings (groups of two in most cases, or three for corner apartments). End walls were opened toward the surrounding environment, and the landscape was sculpted to allow for easy access to private gardens. Internally, each apartment was divided by a sliding glass wall which enabled the bedroom and the living room to be connected to form one larger space.

The facades are clad with anodized aluminium sheeting, spray-painted in warm yellow tones, recalling colours used on offshore installations, and the maritime history of the site.

Team: Cecilie Andersson

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