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Regulation plan, housing project, kindergarten & playground toy. In collaboration with PPAG
Sola, Norway
Block Watne AS & Skadberg Eiendomsutvikling AS

Scheduled 2015

Skadbergbakken is located in a former agricultural area close to a stop of a future city rail connecting the major cities of the region. The development is planned at a density of 5 dwellings per hectare, along with a kindergarten and some commercial activities close to the railway stop.

The main goal of the master plan has been to find an organizational model that can create denser urban qualities than the adjacent suburban developments of typical row houses.
This can be achieved by creating a diversity of dwelling typologies.

The “tun” or yard of traditional local farmhouses is used as the basic organizing element, around which single family houses, four and five unit houses and blocks with up to 15 units are gathered. The yards create small scale neighbourhoods with a variation of shared services and meeting points. All buildings are accessed and orientated towards the yard, in addition to having a more protected “backyard” with private gardens. An internal road runs through all yards, which is unmarked —allowing traffic to self-regulate according to the shared space principles agreed upon by the dwellers. A network of continuous green commons, playgrounds and pathways connects the different yards.

A high percentage of dwellings allow for “aging-in-place” and all outdoor areas are universally designed, including the road with its maximum slope of 1:20. A large number of the buildings have a massive timber construction and fulfill the rigorous Passive House standard for energy efficiency.

Team: Reinhard Kropf, Ane Dahl, Dag Strass, Ute Groba (details one family houses, treetoy), Covadonga Toro (details four unit houses, kindergarten outdoor area), Caleb Reed (treetoy), Njål Undheim, Rune Veslegård, Christian Gauss

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