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Student Dwellings on Mosvangen
Transforming an youth hostel into a vibrant residence for students
Student Council, Stavanger


The Mosvangen Student Housing project converted an aging youth hostel into student apartments comprising adaptable and individual units. A thorough transformation was necessary, as the volumetric dimensions of the original construction were deep, resulting in dark spaces that were far from ideal for the new function. Several different operations were conducted to modify the volumetric aspects of the building, including the construction of an interior courtyard and party area, together with various incisions and extensions to the roofing. A new spatial occupation and partitioning of the building made it possible to create 19 unconventional apartments, such as a tower apartment built over three floors, cockpit apartments with roof extensions and patios, an apartment with its open plan living room extending into a communal entrée (entry), a party apartment in the basement as well as an apartment with an emerald garden.

Components such as windows, doors, stairs and prefabricated concrete slabs were moved and reused in other parts of the building. Rails in the entrance hall are made from laser-cut sheets from the metallurgical industry, and the lighting fitments from rear lights taken from derelict cars. The emerald garden is fashioned out of industrial slag from local smelting works.

Team: Siv Helene Stangeland, Dag Strass

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