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55 Dwellings
Sverdrup Rise
Apartments with sea views in Stavanger
Stavanger, Norway
Otium AS


New projects in the greater transformation zones of Stavanger are often coupled with a high degree of commercial competition and short planning and building period. This challenge requires robust and flexible design methods, which we approached in two different ways:

First, the focus was on volume shaping, orientation and organisation of the main structure. The existing development plan was a prescription for four closely situated towers.

With ocean views to the north, the main challenge lay in ensuring that each of the 55 dwelling units would benefit from both sunlight and views of the ocean, accomplished through undulating volumes and balconies. In each block the bedrooms, wet zones and stair shafts constitute the central space-efficient orthogonal elements.

Living-room zones, in contrast, have a free disposition and spatially continue in spacious and generous terraces.

The second method was to select homogeneous masonry materials with simple details to withstand the cost engineering often imposed during the developing process.

The building’s expression triggers association of southern beachfront hotels, ocean views, leisure activities and sunlit terraces

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