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Tau House
A cantilevering timber house for a young family
Tau, Norway
Michael Ammicht and Anja Koenig


This single-family house for a young couple is built from massive timber elements, which enabled the large cantilevers which characterise the project.

The house is situated on a steep triangular site. One enters the house through a split-level space between the sleeping wing and the second floor living and dining area. The whole space widens, both in plan and section, creating a funnel toward the stunning sea view. Critical to the design was ensuring each space has a view of the sea, and also its own outdoor space: for example, the sleeping wing has its own terrace with an independent access stair from the garden. The high ceilings of the dining area, lit by a large skylight, create a courtyard-like central space, while the terrace, resembling a loggia, is characterised as more of an indoor space. 

The folding, sculptural roof, and the contrasting heights of the building, result in numerous different experiences and expressions of the building.

Team: Reinhard Kropf, Siv Helene Stangeland, Njål Undheim

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